Project Reference

The Ribbon – Sydney

AIS supplied non-combustible passive fire protection Rockwool stonewool for façade applications of the Ribbon skyscraper in  Sydney commissioned in 2022.
The insulation material was custom-made to meet the project requirements.

  • Builder: Multiplex
  • Application: façade non-combustible passive fire protection
  • Project location: Australia – Sydney CBD
  • Insulation: Rockwool stonewool

The Royal Australian Navy Vessels HMAS

AIS supplies flexible elastomeric foam (FEF)  NH ArmaFlex® for the Australian Navy vessel HMAS.
NH ArmaFlex® mitigates the risk of stress corrosion cracking and it meets IMO SOLAS requirements.

  • Owner: The Royal Australian Navy
  • Application: stainless steel piping and equipment
  • Project location: Australia offshore
  • Insulation: NH ArmaFlex®

Exxon Mobil Longford plant

AIS supplies Exxon Mobil Longford plant in Australia with Aspen Aerogels Pyrogel XTE and Cryogel Z.
AIS CNC capability of manufacturing prefabricated aerogels increases efficiency by having the material ready based on customers’ work packs.

  • Owner: ExxonMobil
  • Operating temperature: down to cryogenic – 160°C
  • Project location: Australia – Longford Plant Victoria
  • Insulation: Aspen Aerogels Cryogel Z 10mm and Pyrogel XTE 10mm